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Myron McLane Aprons are American made of cotton duck cloth and chap split leather. Constructed and manufactured like a fine article of clothing, our aprons are all double stitched and the best hook and loop fastener available is used for the waist and leg straps. Our new style waist strap (originally used on our Lite Aprons) has elastic to prevent the apron from sliding off the hips, no matter what sort of body shape a shoer may have.

Our leather is tanned especially for us by a process that makes it extremely durable and tough, yet soft and flexible. We believe it to be the most comfortable apron you can buy. Waterproof leather at the center of the waist protects clothing from being stained from the bleeding that occurs with other non-waterproof leather. Our aprons have two knife pockets, with four pockets on the Padded Apron and extra space allowing farriers to install magnets if they choose.

The Original

"I consider it a privilege to wear one of Myron McLane’s Aprons. For me, Myron McLane is truly one of the great heroes in our farrier world. The Apron is very well made, fits very well and the Velcro is great for keeping it snug to your leg. In addition, I trust any product Myron produces and have had a lot of good fortune using his frog pads as well. Thanks for everything Myron!"

-Dean Pearson -2 time American Farrier Team member, farrier USET

Myron McLane Farrier Aprons

The Sparky

The Lite

The Padded

Pink Apron Charity

Join Billy Crothers and Myron McLane as they raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to honor their wives and all the others that have been lost.

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Pink Aprons Can Be Made In Any Style

By Special Order - GO PINK!